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Mistletoe Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I order from you?

A. The easiest and fastest way to order is through the site. We use PayPal to ensure a safe and secure payment transaction. Please provide your desired ship date so that we can pick your mistletoe and pack it as close to shipping as possible.
You can also place an order over the phone at (909) 297-1733 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Time. Please have your credit card available when ordering. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Q. I would like to buy some mistletoe for my school’s fundraiser. How do I order from you?

A. For a credit card payment, you can order through the web site. For public schools, we also accept purchase orders. If you require an invoice, please call us at (909)297-1733 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Time to place an order. We will fax you the invoice and will ship once we receive the purchase order.

Q. Why do you sell by the sprig instead of by weight?

A. We sell by the sprig so that you get only usable pieces (not filler). This removes the guess work on how much you should buy.

Q. What do I do when I receive the mistletoe?

A. It's important to treat your mistletoe carefully. Keep it in a cool place, out of the sun.
Be prepared to assemble bags immediately or keep the packages in the refrigerator or cool spot. Store assembled bags in the refrigerator for longer shelf life.

Q. How do I create individual bags to sell?

A. Here is an example of creating individual bags for sale. We also offer finishing kits – individual cellophane bags and curling ribbon for quick assembly. Check our site for pictures of bagging examples.
• Cut the mistletoe into smaller pieces so they can fit into bags
• You can use a single stem with multiple sprigs or group 2-3 smaller sprigs in a bundle
• Tie them with colored ribbon (red, green, or your school colors)
• Place in bag
• Optional - add name tag with your organization's information
• Refrigerate bags until you are ready to sell or distribute

Q. How do you ship the Mistletoe?

A. We ship using FedEx Ground. It takes around 1-5 days for the product to arrive to your shipping address. If you need to expedite the order, we can express ship for an extra cost.
We do not ship outside the contiguous United States or internationally.

Q. When do you ship the Mistletoe?

A. Once your order has been processed, we will ship the mistletoe the following Monday. If you order on Sunday before noon we ship the following Tuesday. We only ship Mondays and Tuesdays to help make sure you get the freshest mistletoe. Sending closer to the weekends sometimes causes the product to sit at Fedex over the weekend. You can also request a ship date by adding a note to the message field of the PayPal payment or send us an email at orders@spmistletoe.com.

Please call us for rush shipments or if you have any questions about shipping dates. Rush shipments placed before noon usually go out the same day.

Q. Is mistletoe toxic?

A. Yes. The berries are the most toxic and we try to remove them from the mistletoe. Please keep the mistletoe away from children and pets. If eaten seek immediate medical attention.

Q. Why do you remove the berries?

A. We make every effort to remove berries from the mistletoe we send you. It is the most toxic part of the plant if ingested. We have also found that the berries can become moldy and makes a sticky mess when shipped.

Q. How long will they last before I need to package and how long will they last after I package?

A. Mistletoe remains freshest if refrigerated, and maintains its plump, pliable, and bright green look and feel for about 3 weeks if kept in cold conditions. Once individually bagged and in placed in normal conditions, it will slowly dry and loose some of its vibrant color. Typically mistletoe hung around the house still looks good after a month.

Be aware that it is normal for the leaves to loose some of their vibrant color and elasticity. This is to be expected for any natural product. The mistletoe will dry and hold its form.

Q. What is a sprig? What is the typical size and color of the sprigs?

A. A sprig is a shoot, stem, or twig cut or broken from the mistletoe plant. Our sprigs are about 4 to 5 inches long. Their color ranges from dark olive green to green with yellow highlights.

Q. Do you use preservatives on the mistletoe?

A. We pick and ship to you so you get the freshest mistletoe possible. We don’t apply any preservatives to the mistletoe – we’ve found they don’t really work that well. If you can keep it in a cool place (40-50 degress F) it will last a few weeks and still look great. We can also arrange shipment to arrive a day or two before your fundraiser so you have fresh product to sell.

Q. What is included in the finishing kit?

A. The kit includes (120) 5 x 8” cellophane reclosable bags. It also includes 500 yards of red curling ribbon for bows and ties.

Selling Suggestions

Here are some suggestions that may help improve your fundraising sales

  • Door to door sales
  • Store fronts and Christmas tree lots (with permission)
  • At school e.g. parking lots as parents pick up their kids, the quad, homeroom
  • Parent's workplace
  • Advertise with banners, flyers, and signs
Finishing Kit and Samples

Here is what is included in our finishing kits.

Ready to sell example.

Gift example.