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Mistletoe as a fundraiser

Mistletoe Holiday Fundraiser

Mountain fresh mistletoe makes a great fundraiser for your school or organization.

Everyone loves mistletoe. One of the most common holiday decorations, it makes the perfect fundraiser for your school, scout troop, church group, or other organization. It's inexpensive, popular, and easy to sell.

We give you several ways to sell:

  • You can order pre-tied mistletoe, tied with bows and completely ready for sale.
  • You can order bulk mistletoe with our finishing kits and save by doing your own labor.
  • You can order bulk mistletoe, assemble, and bag it for sale with your own material.

    We send you boxes of mistletoe, freshly picked and shipped using FedEx Ground. We offer packages with either 50 or 100 pieces of mistletoe. We also remove berries for your safety. Remember, get free shipping on orders of 3 or more 100 sprig packages! We ship using Fedex and can ship overnight*.

    Supplies are limited, so order early to guarantee timely delivery of your mistletoe. You can order now and specify the delivery date of your mistletoe to ensure that it's fresh for your sale.

    * extra shipping and handling charges apply.


    Pre-tied Mistletoe

    Bulk Mistletoe with Kit

    Bulk Mistletoe

    50 sprigs—$120

    50 sprigs—$85

    50 sprigs—$70

    100 sprigs—$185
    (Free Shipping on 2 or more boxes)

    100 sprigs—$125
    (Free Shipping on 3 or more boxes)

    100 sprigs—$105
    (Free Shipping on 3 or more boxes)

  • Testimonials

    "We sold around 300 sprigs at $2 a piece in about a week. We could have sold more but we ran out quicker than expected..." - Monika B, Class Advisory Board, Loma Linda Academy, CA

    Here is a sample of our pre-tied mistletoe.