Dear Shoppers,

Speaking on behalf of the Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, I would like to inform you all about the great service and the overall kindness Smiley Park Mistletoe gave to our sorority and those in need. Last year, our sorority launched its first annual A-Chi-O Mistletoe project to raise money for the victims of domestic violence. We originally planned to buy mistletoe from a local farm, but that farm apparently lost its holiday spirit and raised the price of its mistletoe at the last minute. Unsure of what to do, I—the philanthropy chair—searched on the internet for a mistletoe wholesaler and found Smiley Park Mistletoe, which ultimately saved our philanthropy project.

Because this was our first shot at the project, we were operating on a low budget. Smiley Park Mistletoe, showing more optimism than ourselves, was touched by our efforts to help victims of domestic violence and agreed to pay for our shipping and handling—and even stuffed extra sprigs in the box for us too! This nice gesture excited the sorority.
As it turned out, we sold out of mistletoe orders in less than two days. Immediately, I was back on the phone with the people of Smiley Park making another order. After expressing their enthusiasm for our success, they sent another overstuffed box of mistletoe.

Smiley Park’s personal attention did not stop there. Much to our surprise, the mistletoe was not delivered on its expected date. We had no clue what went wrong, and I called
Smiley Park asking about the status of our order: Smiley Park had their people on the phone immediately, helping us figure out what went wrong with the postal service. As it turned out, the mail truck ran into a pole and all of its packages were scattered on the street. Despite the mail services’ claim to loopholes in its guarantees, Smiley Park made sure that we could receive our mistletoe from the mail service on time.

Thanks to Smiley Park’s special deals and services, our sorority earned a sizeable profit margin for victims of domestic violence. Due to the project’s accomplishment, other Alpha Chi Omega chapters across the country are looking to repeat the project and are asking us about the secret to our success. The first thing I have been sure to tell them is how thankful we were for Smiley Park Mistletoe’s help.

Smiley Park Mistletoe is the kind of company whose customer service is rare and what some would call “pleasantly old-fashioned” in the midst of such fast-paced, high-tech times. This old-fashioned customer service will never age in appreciation. We hope that our gratitude and our story inspire more shoppers to become customers of Smiley Park Mistletoe.


Jane Wetterau
Philanthropy Chair
Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega