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Mistletoe for commercial uses

Mistletoe Holiday Greetings and Decorations

Mountain fresh mistletoe makes a great and unique addition to your holiday promotions and holiday cards. We offer large quantities at a discount price for any holiday event, floral display, or winter decoration.

Christmas Tree Farms and Lots
Attract more customers with another fresh product! -

  • We can ship on a weekly schedule to ensure product freshness
  • Mistletoe can be delivered when your selling season starts

Special Holiday Greetings
Distinguish your business by adding mistletoe to your greeting cards and winter promotions -

  • Party favors
  • Holiday cards
  • Promotional giveaways 

Holiday Decorations and Displays
Imagine incorporating mistletoe into your winter decorations and large social events -

  • Hotel lobbies
  • Store front window displays
  • Winter weddings and formals
  • Floral arrangements

Large Quantity Discount Pricing

If you are interested in large orders please visit our wholesale site at Smiley Park Wholesale Mistletoe.



"Thanks again for your help with the mistletoe - here are some pictures of the promotion we did..." - Berry Hatfield, Village Voice, New York